To my Future Employer: Things you won’t find on my Resume

I just want to start out by saying, not every graduate will walk across the stage with a 9-5 lined up and ready to go. As a matter of fact, most won’t. Which, in my humble opinion, it not as great of a start to the rest of our lives as I would have originally hoped for at this time in my life. But, it is what it is. And that’s something that I cannot change.

And so, here goes-my skills and attributes that I feel make me more of an individual that just a piece of paper with a name on it.


When it comes to loyalty, it’s something many people feel they have, but don’t fully understand. Loyalty comes from awareness and understanding-an awareness and understanding of oneself in relation to another organization or relationship and realizing the value that one has as part of that relationship as a whole. Personally, I have found my loyalty in friendships, commitments, work, and education. I appreciate the other half of the relationship that I’m in and work tirelessly to allow the other half to feel that I appreciate he, she, or it (an organization).


Compassion can be a misunderstanding for some folks. I believe that compassion encompasses all of the care, love, sincerity, and passion that a person has for another person or entity. I show compassion in volunteering and my relationships. I began volunteering for my hometown Humane Society a few years ago; and though I was not able to go everyday, it was the highlight of my day when I was helping. Whether cleaning out cages, playing, or donating old pet beds/blankets, my love for animals ended up making me truly satisfied and fulfilled when I was able to show them compassion and care.


You may not find out right away, or within the first week, but man am I funny. Not only do other people laugh at me, but I crack up at myself-which sometimes is the reason the other person is laughing in the first place. I’m not stand up comedian level by any means, but I have the ability to laugh and laugh at myself-which is sometimes needed in life!

Machine-like Work Ethic

By this I simply mean hard worker who never gives up. When things have to be done, they have to be done. References and past coworkers would agree, whether everyone knows about a task or I am the only one, I am the first one to spring into action when something needs to be taken care of. I am very proud of my work ethic and am on cloud 9 when someone compliments me for how hard I work, it’s just something engrained in me as an employee.


We all have them, it part of life. I’m not perfect, nor do I pretend to be-I try to pull myself and my life together, but everyone should do that. Essentially, I just want to say that there will be some bad days and some good days. The good definitely outweighs the bad, though! And for that, I am thankful I find the silver lining in most everything I do or that happens to me-it’s the only way that I survive, to know everything happens for a reason and I will move on.

As a graduating Advertising/PR major at Loyola University Chicago, I’ve been thinking a lot deeper about my future in the past few weeks. Thinking about what doors are coming to a close and what doors are being held open for me. I’m thankful for my education, my family and friends, my life, my good fortune and well-being, and the amazing things that will happen in my future.


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Social Media Photography Tips brought to you by an Amateur

Social media: the main source of the millennial generation’s communication.

Without photography, social media is nothing. It’s boring, annoying, and straight up not worth the time devoted to logging on. Photography is the shining star when it comes to social media these days. And, at the end of the day, remember that you’re telling a story in your photos. Check out these top five ways to make your friends marvel over your social media!

1. All About Angle


At first glance, this may not seem like much, but then, you look at really feel like you want to sit down here and indulge in this wonderful glass of wine. Am I right, or am I right? So, when you’re going for an enticing or captivating photo, it’s imperative that you make the photo as interesting and eye catching as possible to really draw your audience in.

Pro tip: if you’re using an iPhone or other smart phone, be sure to turn on the HDR and tap the screen where you want your focus to be, ensuring an interesting story through your photo.

2. Vibrant Visuals

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

When it comes to photography, let’s be honest, the most spunky and fun pieces are the ones are drawn to, first. That being said, its important to map out your photo, making sure that if it’s full of color and spark, that it’s being done well. This includes colorful backgrounds or props, you decide what you want your photo to be.



3. Composition is Key


We have all seen those photos, the ones that look as though they have been strategically placed. Well guess what, THEY HAVE BEEN. When you’re doing a photoshoot, photographing a landscape, or a random photo, remember that its all in the makeup of the photo and what is included into the photo frame-nothing outside this frame matters anymore.


4. Zoom Zoom


When taking in all of the above tips, a good photographer remembers the depth of the photo. Are you shooting this photo from far away? If so, will a distant capture the necessary emotion that you may want your audience to feel? No. ZOOM IN. Some people freak out, some people love it. It’s up to you and how like your work. Personally, I like up close and personal with some things, others not so much. It is, however, important to find your niche and see how you work with these skills in relation to your subject matter. I do want to mention-just because it says zoom, doesn’t mean use literal zoom on camera, unless you can’t physically move closer. Simply put, zoom means to get as close as you can without the digital zoom to ensure high pixel resolution for a great photo turnout.







5. Mixing it Up


Sometimes, great photography is a little mix up! Could be zoom and angel or your great photo could be vibrant and angles. Or, in this case, angle and zoom.

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Defying (Nude) Stereotypes

Introduced on March 29, 2016, at a mere, $595, the classic shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, is introducing ballerina flats into its “Nudes Collection.” Complete with beautiful photography, stunning costumes, and captivating lighting, what is even more remarkable about this collection is the vast meaning of the word “nude.”


When I first caught wind of this new introduction to the iconic Louboutin brand, I was immediately in shock. A shoe designer who featured nude as more than one color; I mean to be honest, my skin is so light that it hardly ever fits in the category of “nude,” anyway. But upon looking more into this new introduction and the ad itself, I quickly remembered that the collection itself is called “Nude Collection,” featuring three, now four, kinds of heel, in seven different colors. What I thought was the most important part of this (what I thought was new) beautiful ad was the difference in skin colors, and low and behold, it has already been around, for SIX YEARS. That’s a long time in the fashion world. And because I was so stunned, that got me thinking.

Why doesn’t this have as much support? Why aren’t many people talking about this? Why do more people not care that a designer chose to deviate from the stereotypical “nude” and not only create more than one nude, but center an entire collection around the beauty in different skin colors?


From there, I began to research other designers that have taken this into consideration and really struggled to find a happy ending featuring several shades of “nude.” Aside from pantyhose or tights, if you think about it, when undergarments are “nude,” they are a a lighter, tan hue, not several shades of “nude,” as the color spectrum that it should be.

The campaign spread across social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, collecting likes, hearts, and hashtags from over 72.4 thousand people.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.03.48 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.06.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.05.24 PM

That being said, Louboutin deserves attention for this commendable action in the fashion world. Though I may not be able to afford a new pair of “red bottoms” right now, I hope to someday be able to own a pair, give a pair to a friend, maybe of a different skin tone than me, and I hope to purchase from that company because they support the equality of all. Even though this is not the direct message of the campaign, because they are introducing the new flats, I would argue that through this advertisement, Louboutin has increased in

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How To Make the Best LinkedIn Profile

Launching in 2003, as a business-oriented social network service, LinkedIn is used for professional networking and as an online job research tool for people entering and in the workforce. As an upcoming young woman in the workforce, I have found myself signed into LinkedIn for several hours of the day. Whether those hours consist of finding people I know, looking up new companies to follow, or searching new jobs in general, LinkedIn has a plethora of different opportunities when it comes to facilitating a career.LinkedIn Login Screen

So, let’s break it all down and find out a little more into how LinkedIn can serve you.

The Profile

The profile is the first  and most important step in getting started on LinkedIn. This is essentially your resume, but a little more “jazzed up” and explained. The profile is a similar function across many social media platforms; however, on LinkedIn, it is vitally important to stay professional, but true to yourself. And, as every tip and trick from business sources across the internet can attest to, the profile is your first impression on a desirable company.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.00.34 AM

Basics of the Profile

Photos: gives you a humanistic approach to this online resume tool that you might not have been able to have on a printed resume. For example, I chose a picture that is recognizably me, not too cluttered with other people or objects in the background. For the profile background image (optional), I decided to add a touch of my own photography, featuring a subject I photograph well, flowers.

The Summary: a “mini cover letter,” explaining who you are (aside from the education and job experiences) and what kind of worker or person you are as a whole. This summary area on your profile could also tell employers you are looking for a job, allowing them to potentially put you at the top of the list, knowing that you are interested. For my profile, I decided to put in skills that past interviewing employers have asked me, proving that I have these skills before a future employer is to ask me during an interview; this also is a reference for an interviewer to bring up as talking points.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 11.22.14 AM

Experiences: arguable my favorite part of LinkedIn and almost feels like a game when entering everything in, especially if you are a go-getter or over achiever, like me. Having all of your job experiences on your LinkedIn gives the audience a reference of what you know thus far. The reason this section is my favorite on a profile is because LinkedIn does such a great job breaking down the different elements in a job and lets people show as little or as much as desired.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.36.14 PM


For example, my most recent and current experience is working for the Odyssey Online, an online social content platform. As the Editor-in-Chief of the Loyola University Chicago chapter, I not only write my own pieces, but edit all of my staff writers’ pieces, as well. Because this is a big job and requires a lot of commitment and dedication, this is an experience that I want to highlight with pieces of my work, not only the job description. Providing the ability to include a document, photos, links, a video, or a presentation to a job description shows that you have actually done something in the position, which is what future employers are looking to see, how you are beneficial in a company and how you will be beneficial to them if hired.

Language: something that tells employers in this day-in-age that you stand apart from the rest. Whether you only know one additional language from your native language, or speak 17 other languages, this section on a LinkedIn profile can set you apart from the competition. Language can enhance your work ethic and has shown to help people gain promotions and awards in companies. Even if you only know a little bit of a foreign language, it’s important to include. It could be the difference that sets you apart from the rest.

Education: a necessary part of a LinkedIn profile. This has the ability to connect you with alumni groups (another perk of LinkedIn), shows how many alumni from your school a particular company has (which could make you not want to work there), and is necessary to prove you have been educated.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.52.58 PM

What I value about the education section on LinkedIn is that they not only allow you to tell what you’re majoring/minoring in, and the expected graduation, but to provide the honors/awards you’ve won and the courses you have taken throughout your time at this institution. To be honest, I didn’t realize I could do this until recently. I think the most effective way to include your coursework onto your profile is by putting courses on that you would be willing to talk about in an interview or if someone were to ask why those were crucial in developing your education.


Skills: exactly what it sounds like, your skill set. Adding in your skills to the profile shows what you have learned from all of your experiences, education, etc. When it comes to skills, it’s time for you to shine! The best part about the skills section is that other people-colleagues, classmates, professors, bosses, anyone-can “endorse” you for a skill you have. For example, people I have work with in the past endorsed me for my customer service, knowing that I have that skilled because they saw it implemented when we would work together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.03.37 PM

LinkedIn is a brilliant tool in this strenuous job market because it is a way to brand and set oneself apart from the rest of the applications in the pile. If you already have a LinkedIn, keep enhancing it! Make sure that your skills and endorsements at the top are the ones you really want employers seeing, and don’t be afraid to ask people for endorsements and recommendations. Recommendations are still helpful when going into interviews, so take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

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Confessions of An Over-Qualified, Under-Appreciated Intern

From interning for a startup fashion company to brainstorming website icons at a marketing agency, I feel as though I have had more internships than most people my age have had significant others. I’m an independent dreamer who has high hopes for the future and have had a lot of strange and inspiring pieces of advice from the handful of internships and the people I’ve worked with.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 6.13.27 PM

When the Intern Knows Best

Expectations are the root of all evil.

Going into a new place, job, or situation with an expectation only sets one back from experiencing all new, exciting aspects of the situation at hand. One should indulge and be new to new experiences.

You need to fully understand your position before signing a contract.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the people at the agency, I just sent the same five emails three times a week; repetition starts to really wear on a person’s sanity! Going into a future job, I’ve learned to value mulling over a decision and not just jumping into it because it tentatively fits for the moment.

Caffeine. Seriously.

Coffee and caffeine are an important part of any internship, and life. Not only to bond with your coworkers when they hit the mid-morning sleep; oh no, coffee helps you stay awake when you all go out to the coffee shop down the street. Major bonding.

Work is not a bad thing. It is a learning tool.

Utilize all of the projects, research, Word and Excel documents, and everything else you are given. They are there to help guide and teach new things, aka the reason for interning in the first place (to learn more about the potential career in desired industry). Take the work and project lists that are given with a smile and get on with the day. Bonus: if you manage time well and get done early, ask for more work…you might even become the favorite.

Know the recent news for the industry you are working in.

Staying up-to-date and aware of recent news throughout the industry you are interning in puts you on top of the intern roster (if there are multiple interns in the office). Being able to talk business with not only your colleagues, but also prove to your boss(es) why you are the favorite intern, and why you should be hired on full-time after the internship.

Always ask questions.

The thing about questions is that they are always, always welcomed. Obviously to understand your project or work, but also to familiarize yourself with the people you will spend every day with until your internship is over. Step up and ask!

Find your voice and make sure people hear it.

This is one of the most important pieces of advice I have ever received and it was from a former chief operations officer. This advice goes a long way! Whether you are interviewing or writing pitches, have confidence in all that you do. Other people notice confidence and will be impressed with your dedication and hard work. You can only overcome challenges you let yourself face. Start figuring yourself out and know your strengths so that you can grow in your future career.

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A Letter to My Dream Mentor and Fashion Inspiration

To the Fashion Blogger that changed my perception of Fashion Bloggers,

As Marketing Director for Megan Hess Illustration, Martina, you have truly opened my eyes to the happy, career-lifestyle balance a woman can make for herself. Martina, you are my dream mentor and fashion inspiration. Though a blogger and fashion guru, you are also the career woman I strive to be.

I have a love of fashion illustration and have been a fan of Megan Hess for a while now. After following Ms. Hess on Instagram for several years, I sought out other illustrators and bloggers who are similar to her because that’s what you do on Instagram. And then it all happened, your handle popped up as someone I should follow, I took a look around your Insta and blog, and I was beside myself excited from the minimalistic approach and gorgeous fashion.

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a strong, female in the fashion/business industry. I have leadership qualities, a bubbly and outgoing personality, and a passion for my work that can simply be described as a hard worker. Having had several internships over the past two years in the creative field, the advertising sales, and marketing industry, I have finally narrowed down my career dreams into a marketing job and haven’t looked back. As an advertising/PR student, I’ve learned a lot about both sides of the industry, paying closer attention to creative but dabbling in the business side. In the marketing field, I feel like that is where business and creative collide to create something whole.

Moreover, I do have a passion for fashion, as cliche as that sounds. But, being in a full-time student and part-time Henri Bendel associate, fashion comes second in my crazy life. Through your Instagram, I have been inspired to reignite the fashion flame and answer to the calling of minimalist fashion. Not only have you inspired me to get back into the love of style, but you have given me hope that one day I will be a successful Marketing Director, or PR Project Manager, or Social Media Coordinator. All in all, you have taught me the value of personal happiness while living out dream jobs in beautiful countries.

And last but certainly not least, thank you. I think I’ve made it clear that you are a role model and mentor, someone that I respect and aspire to be based on your success. Thank you for showing the world who you are and proving that happiness and success can be simultaneously achieved.

Best Wishes,

The Mentee you didn’t know you had

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